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SHINYI Handmade Dumplings


Pure handmade dumplings, teppan-mini skewers, dim sum, bento box and more, made fresh every day. Each grain of dumpling contains the true meaning and rich charm of traditional Chinese cuisine.

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Dumpling dreams...

There are no artificial colours or flavours in any of our dishes, no MSG in our dumplings and our rainbow dumplings are made with all natural colouring from fresh fruits and vegetables. Seven days a week, we are here to bring you authentic, delicious dumplings and more. We take pride in and put special care into every dumpling and dish we cook for you.


We are so passionate about our food and even more about giving you an unforgettable experience at our tables. We look forward to seeing you!


641 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON





Add a joy of rainbow taste to your day!

What Our Amazing Guests
Have To Say...

"I know they are called dumpling house but only the real ones know that these local Chinese stir-fries are the hidden gems on their menu!
Service- great!
Food- we finished EVERYTHING. The spice-muah/chef’s kiss. The beef was juicy, tender, and soooo flavoured."
"Really nice and lovely atmosphere and service in this modern style Chinese restaurant. Staff are polite and attentive to visitors. Food is delicious and great quality. Big variety of dishes."
"Beautiful decor and spacious seating. Great place for a cosy meal. Delicious dumplings. They serve a few vegetarian and vegan dishes too. The Mapo tofu was incredible! 
Refreshing ice teas and portion sizes are generous.
Fantastic service. Whole package is a memorial experience."
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